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Sauna construction

From ancestry traditions we know, that there was a bath house in every farm. Sauna, as we know, has been needed in weekdays not only for hygiene, but it has a deeper meaning, associated with  person's inner well-being, harmony and health.

Nowadays bath house rituals are as popular, as they were before, and thanks to technologies sauna is located even in cities and in untraditional places, for example, on terraces, ships, special floating rafts and so long. Nowadays sauna can be placed in the most unbelievable places.

SIA „Sauna PRO” is sauna and bath house building, starting from project developement, bath house building and placement, to already built bath house providing with accessories. Experienced craftmans and artisans who have been working more than 10 years in bath house building in Latvia and abroad (Germany, Finland, Russia), they’re excellent experts in their job and knows very well how to realize customers dreams about their dream bath house, providing quality work who will let bath house visitors enjoy total relaxation. As anyone, who isn’t stopping at the achieved we are interested to follow newest tendences in our sphere by regularly visiting international tematic exibitions, where we can find out newest technologies and new ideas about bath house.

In bath house building are used many materials like aspen, thermo aspen, black alder, Canadian cedar, abači(?) and so long, materials choice dependens not only from customers possibilities but to possible bath house place too. And that’s why the big job experience and the many bath house projects have provided with knowledge about material properties, which is not minor, to inform client about most suitable choice in every case.

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Sauna stonesSauna stones 8.75 €
Sauna stones, Red quart ...Sauna stones, Red quartzite 17.07 €

Wooden tub

Tub or pail – it’s wonderfull way how to get back strength after work, relaxing together with family, friends, colleague or in another way – relax alone to get amazing atmosphere and letting yourself fully relax. This can be a nice entertainment in summer or amazing time spending in winter when it’s snowing. Warm water and fresh air will please your body and spirit. Medical researches have prooved that swimming in warm water have positive impact on blood circulation and difference between temperature quenches organism, releases central nerve system and noticeably increases sleeping quality, and helps in metabolic disorders.

In addition its healing and relaxing properties heated tub is very estetic and can be used as design tool in any guest house, small hotel, it can be located near bath house or in farm. In tub making uses different kinds of trees who can be found in Latvia’s woods. Tub’s building is ecologicaly clean and for it’s building uses natural setting materials.

Our shop „Sauna PRO” offers in Latvia made from natural wood round and elipse kind tubs, intended for using from 1 to 11 people. Tub can be used all year long, because it can be added heated oven.

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Stoveman 20R sauna heater

Stoveman 20R sauna heater
( Stoveman Igaunija )

Price per Unit (gabals): 508.96 €

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STOVEMAN 20R sauna heater is recommended for a dry or humid sauna experience in a home situation.
Stoveman sauna heater guarantees an enjoyable, mild and durable sauna experience thanks to the large amount of heater stones that block the radiation from the metal surfaces.
Stoveman 20R sauna heater has an improved ventilation system with 3 air flow channels on the external walls of the heating unit! The ventilation tubes receive the air from the bottom of the heater, it rises upwards as it gets heated and exits between the top stones. The basic model of the sauna heater has a glass door.

- All parts of the heater in contact with flames are made of 5mm sheet steel
- The bottom of the sauna heater is made of 3mm sheet steel
- Ash box is made of 2 mm sheet steel
- The hand crafted ash grate is made of 10×20 mm square steel

To connect the Stoveman sauna heater with the chimney it is recommended to use pipes with CE marking withstanding a gas burning temperature of at least 600 degrees.

The basic model of the sauna heater has a glass door.

- Metal doorplate (M)
- Heated through the wall (LS)

If desired, a heat exchanger SV1 for heating water can be installed on the sauna heater.

ON REQUEST an 8mm sheet steel burning unit can be ordered for all Stoveman sauna heaters.

Stoveman sauna heaters are produced from 2002.

In cooperation with many sauna fans we are constantly dealing with product development the increase of the quality and the efficiency of the sauna heaters. The current model has been in production and sales from autumn 2011.

Stoveman sauna heaters have friends in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Germany etc. Our heaters are travelling in different countries also in collaboration with many manufacturers of log cabins.

General information
- Suitable for sauna rooms with capacity: 12-20 m³
- Amount of heater stones: 160 kg (The stones are not included in the set. The heater stones on the picture have an illustrative purpose.)
- Smoke outlet 115 mm
- Equipped with soot flap

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Natural essential oil " ...Natural essential oil 4.42 €

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Sauna stones, Red quart ...Sauna stones, Red quartzite 17.07 €


Stoveman 24 sauna heate ...Stoveman 24 sauna heater 542.43 €
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