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Guaranty and the rights of withdrawal

  1. All items who are purchased from SaunaPro interenet shop has the producers guaranty!
  2. Producer have set an individual guaranty for each kind of item. Information about producer guaranty time for Your choosen item you can find in items description (or by asking internet consultant).
  3. If producer has determined guaranty time for item which is shorter than 2 years then you can tell your claims about purchased item quality to SaunaPro 2 years starting from the day when item has been bought.
  4. The producers guaranty is valid if you can show:
  • Document as a proof of purchase (check, invoice or ticket);
  • Producer or distributor guaranty card (in case if producer or distributor has given it in purchased item complect).

5.  Guaranty terms and conditions isn’t attributable to item in addition given accesories, power elements (batteries, acumulators), tools which has limited duration time.
6.  Producers guaranty conditions isn’t valid, if:

  • item hasn’t got guaranty filling, it has got series number damage or, if you have tried to fix damage by yourself;
  • item has got damage by natural disaster (flood, storm, thunderbolt, fire, earthquake);
  • damage occurred in product penetrating foreign body, liquid or insects;
  • if you have used non-standart power blocks, tools and spare parts, and raw materials which producer haven’t specified for using with current item and if that is the reason which coused the damage;
  • damage has occured nutrient stress, if cable network isn’t specified as item producer has given information, rapid change in temperature, and of other domestic and external factors (soot, smoke, dust, humidity);
  • if you won’t do regular service maintenance (for items which needs that);
  • you will use item for other product manufacturing and for professional targets (if specific item isn’t specified for such purposes).

7.  Right of withdrawal.

You can use your rights of withdrawal and return purchased item in 14 calendar days from purchase moment. To avoid misunderstanding, at the moment when you get your purchased item make sure if it fully correspondents to ordered – producer, model, colour, size and other important parameters.

8.  If you want to use your rights of widrawal – please consider these recommendation:

  • check and do not use the purchased item;
  • save and do not spoil the original packaging and integration;
  • there are items, which can’t give back: hygiene items.

9.  In case, if you want to give back purchased item it has to be delievered to SaunaPro, Ganibu dambis 7A, Riga, LV-1045. Don’t forget proof or purchase and guaranty talon!

We will do anything to make sure that guaranty process has been done as soon as possible!

Consumers claims and terms:

MC (Ministry cabinet) terms Nr.631 „Order in which has submissed and reviewed consumers claims about the inappropriate item or service contract terms.”


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